Better Buildings: Better Business Conference
Position yourself as a market leader. The Better Buildings: Better Business Conference provides one central hub where builders, suppliers, manufacturers, contractors and the industry can find the latest tips, trends, and technologies to put you above your competition. The conference is powered by two strong partners: Slipstream and the Wisconsin Builders Foundation. Slipstream brings nationally-recognized expertise in quality construction, energy efficiency and building science for health while the WBF brings Wisconsin's most successful home builders and leading suppliers. You will have the opportunity to connect with top experts in your industry and get continuing education credits while you’re at it.

Below you'll find a selection of Slipstream's residential trainings housed in our new Learning Management System, Coassemble. You'll need to create a free account to get access to these trainings. After completing the registration form, check your email for your invitation to Coassemble. You only need to register once! After you're in, you can browse the courses alphabetically or search by title. You can also return to this page and click on the courses below to be taken directly to the course after logging in.
Technician caulking around a door jam to seal it

Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code deep dive: air sealing

Air sealing makes a big impact on a home’s durability and comfort. Why should you inspect for UDC air sealing requirements or know if your approach to air sealing delivers high quality? In this webinar, you’ll become thoroughly familiar with the UDC single family air sealing requirements. Proper air sealing and insulation work together to deliver energy efficiency. Get a close look at the UDC’s air sealing techniques so that you know you’re building to high standards. Learn the “why” behind the code requirement and as well as what materials to use, where to use them, and how to install them to meet the code requirements.

Diagram detailing various parts of an airtight envelope.

Energy Efficiency Strategies for High Performing Buildings

Heart of a Building, an exciting new technical documentary series, shares the stories and the tactics of the people who design, finance, and construct the buildings of tomorrow, today. In this first video in the series, we’ll share energy efficient building envelope systems, R-values, U-values, types of heat transfer, insulation, and ground source heat pump systems. You’ll see how each of these separate components work together as the building operates as a system. We’ll share three exemplary buildings in the real world to show how these concepts work in practice.

Bath fan installed performance: the pressure is on!

The subject of indoor air quality (IAQ) gets a lot of press these days and it's often assumed that just because a home is new that the installed mechanical ventilation systems can contribute to better IAQ. The most common types of ventilation systems include whole-house, bathroom spot, and kitchen spot. Of these three systems, it is Joe’s belief that the bathroom spot fans are probably used most frequently and are the most important, yet why do so many test poorly? This session will highlight several case studies clearly demonstrating the importance of good products combined with good installation practices.

Cathedral roof venting deep dive and demo

Last year, we demonstrated the Wingnut Roof Vent Testing on a small demonstration rig. Although the two-by-four easel rig revealed quite a bit about cathedral roof venting, it brought up the question of how it compares to real roofs. This session will show you how the demo rig has been improved. You will witness a theatrical fogger demo that will reveal what happens on real roofs for vented cathedral roof assemblies. You will understand how roof slope, depth of vent chute, orientation, and type of ridge vent all affect if and how much air is actually venting.

Deep energy retrofit strategies for aging homes

Our nation's housing stock in in peril as homeowners are increasingly challenged financially to maintain and upgrade their homes. Upgrades are badly needed as our housing stock average age approaches 40 years. However, deep energy retrofits are not for the faint of heart. There are plenty of minefields along the way that can undermine goals for improved efficiency, durability, comfort, health and safety. This session will identify the risks and technical challenges of deep energy retrofit strategies.

Building products and systems: the good, the bad, the ugly

New building products and systems crop up like both sturdy trees and annoying weeds. Sometimes it is not so easy to tell the difference. Peter has been evaluating building products and systems for more than 30 years. He will lay out a "protocol" for evaluating building materials and then apply that lens to new products and even his Wingnut testing. You will be encouraged to offer insights on new products as well.

Webinar - Ductless heat pumps

Ductless heat pump applications for high performance homes

During this session, we will discuss the advancements in ductless heat pumps and the application for high-performance homes. Learn about the concept of high performance homes and the application of residential variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems to meet their design and efficiency requirements. We will review the scale upon which high performance homes are measured, the process to properly design an HVAC system for these homes, and ventilation and dehumidification strategies that are required in low load homes.

Webinar - Attics and roofs III

Part III: Attics and roofs that don’t work and why

Taking building investigations and turning them into building science puzzles is fun and informative. In Part II, we learned how to configure high performance attics and roofs. What can we learn from roofs and attics that have had problems? We can learn about tolerances attics and roofs have for heat and moisture management and quite a bit about how to and not to retrofit existing attics and roofs.

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Webinar - Attics and roofs II

Part II: Attic and roof configurations that work and why

Using the building science and building code for attics and roofs, we will work through which roof and attic configurations work and why. Peter will work with a local high performance builder and roof/attic mock-ups to get into the nitty-gritty of materials, sequencing, and trades interaction for high performance attics and roofs.


Housing disruption realities, crises and transformations: are you ready?

Virtually every major industry has experienced, or is in the process of experiencing, massive disruption. Housing has been able to sit on the sidelines with its first-cost dominated business model and uniquely disaggregated industry, but not for much longer. That’s because there are three new realities setting the stage for disruption, five crises making disruption an imperative, and four transformations that will drive disruption in an industry totally resistant to change. Within this larger disruption context, high performance homes will play an increasingly critical role that needs to be fully integrated. Will you be ready?